Top 10 Masters Scholarships in Canada

Top 10 Masters Scholarships in Canada

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Getting fully funded masters Scholarships in Canada can be challenging, but we have covered that. Canada is a great place to study; it has top-notch universities, world-class facilities, and some of the best scholarships available worldwide.

You don’t have to be an international student or come from outside North America to get these awards; they’re open to all students who meet specific criteria.

We want to take you through the best ten scholarship that is good for master’s student


Fully Funded Masters Scholarships In Canada For International Students 2022

Here is a list of 10 fully funded scholarships in Canada for postgraduate students.


1) The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) is one of the scholarship programs that offer masters scholarships in Canada administered by the Commonwealth of Nations. It was established in 1966 and is open to citizens of Commonwealth countries.

The CSFP provides scholarships and fellowships to students, graduates, and professionals in Commonwealth countries. She provides scholarships for postgraduate studies at both Master’s levels or above, which may include Doctorate degrees, but only if they meet specific criteria defined by each country.

e.g. Australia has two different schemes under this scheme;

– Australian Scholarships for Australian Students & Researchers

This scholarship offer funds that can be used towards fees at any university anywhere in Australia

– Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship

This scholarship offers funding for domestic study at any Australian university


2) Toronto International Business Scholarship (TIBS)

The Toronto International Business Scholarship (TIBS) is an annual scholarship program that awards 20 awards to international students studying business at the University of Toronto. This means it’s for students studying international trade, not just Canadian or Ontario-only programs. This is no doubt one of the best Masters Scholarships in Canada.

The TIBS scholarship is worth $20,000 per year and covers tuition fees and living expenses in Canada during your studies at U of T. You don’t need to be from any particular country; if you’re an international student, you qualify!

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3) National Geographic Young Explorer Grant

The National Geographic Young Explorer Grant is a prestigious international award recognizing people making significant contributions to their communities and the world.  In 2009, it became part of the National Geographic Society’s Grants for Research – Young Explorers Grant Program. It is one of the best Top 10 Masters Scholarships in Canada.


The goals of this scholarship include:

  • Supporting students who have received an undergraduate degree or equivalent from an accredited university within three years before applying;
  • Supporting students who are pursuing graduate degrees at accredited institutions; and
  • Supporting students who have completed two years at a minimum of full-time study at an approved post-secondary institution (i.e., college or university)


4) Hawker Britton Political Fellowship of the University of Ottawa

The Hawker Britton Political Fellowship is a $14,000 award that offers students the opportunity to study in Canada and abroad. To be eligible, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and have completed at least one year of full-time undergraduate studies at an accredited institution (or its equivalent).


How to apply

  • You must fill out an online application form on their website to apply for this scholarship.
  • Once submitted, your name will be added as a candidate for consideration by the selection committee within two weeks after submission (it usually takes longer).
  • If selected for this award program, then once again, there are several steps involved, including writing personal essays about why we should support them with our hard-earned money when they become leaders later down the road!

5) Global Energy Metals Scholarship Program

The Global Energy Metals Scholarship Program is a $10,000 scholarship program for students enrolled in the Master of Science in Energy Economics program at the University of Calgary. It is one of the best Top 10 Masters Scholarships in Canada. Candidates must demonstrate financial need and be able to demonstrate academic success by being ranked as an upper-level undergraduate student (B+ or higher) with a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a 4-point scale.

The Global Energy Metals Scholarship Program will award up to five scholarships per year and is renewable for up to two years, depending on recipients’ progress toward completing their degree requirements.

Note: Applications are accepted from May 31st  to July 31st each year, with notification sent out within 30 days after July 31st.

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6) Québec Bursary for International Students (QBIS)

The Québec Bursary for International Students (QBIS) is a scholarship program that supports the education of international students studying in Québec. The QBIS is available to students looking at a Québec institution and can be used at any post-secondary institution across Canada.


7) Queen’s University Graduate Award (QUGA)

This is a competitive award for international students accepted into Queen’s University’s graduate program. A $3,000 scholarship will be awarded to each student who receives admission to the university’s master’s degree program in Canada or abroad. In addition, they may also receive an additional $1,500 if they choose to study at UBC and live with their partner while attending classes there.

The QUGA is available only once per year and must be applied during the academic year leading up to graduation from your home institution (i.e., before May 1st). The application deadline varies depending on which country you are from; however, it typically falls between mid-February and late March, so keep this date in mind when applying!


8) Rotman School of Management Graduate Funding Opportunities (University of Toronto)

If you’re an international student, a full-time graduate student, and have not previously studied in Canada, this scholarship is for you. It’s an excellent opportunity to get involved with the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

This scholarship covers tuition fees only; that means that no other costs are associated with enrolling at this institution, such as housing or books.


9) Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation Bursary Program

The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation Bursary Program is available to international students. It’s also open to students from developing countries, Asian countries, and African countries who are studying in Canada and have been granted a bursary by the Foundation.

The program provides funding for post-secondary studies at any level (graduate or undergraduate) at an accredited institution in Canada. You must also be studying full-time with no gaps between terms or courses during the duration of your course(s). Your application must be submitted by March 31st of each year for that particular academic session and includes:

  • A letter from your supervisor explaining what you’re doing with this scholarship money;
  • Proof that you’ve been accepted into an academic program;
  • Documentation showing how much support would like to receive under this program.

No doubt, one of the Top 10 Masters Scholarships in Canada.


10)Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.

The Vanier Canada graduate scholarship is mainly designed for postgraduate students(, Ph.D. and so on)

The scholarship is valued at $50 000 for three years; the program supports over 100 postgraduate students yearly


We hope these top 10 Masters Scholarships in Canada help you find the right scholarship for you! If there are other scholarships you think we should add to the list, please let us know in the comments below.


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