Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada
Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada

Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada

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Traveling to Canada will be an exciting prospect for anyone preparing to go there. Canada is a great destination for tourists, students looking to study; employees seeking jobs and so many other reasons.

Canada is considered one of the safest places in the World. The country has a very low crime rate; the Police are competent and responsive and the people accept diverse cultures.

However, they are few things you should know before making your travel plans to Canada.

In this article, I am going to give you some hints of what you should know before traveling to the North American state.

10 things to know before traveling to Canada

Want to go to Canada; here are some tips that you need to know before visiting the country.

1. Prepare for the Weather:

Before you visit Canada, you might want to get your coats packaged for the chilly temperatures during the night. Although the weather differs with the location, you have to get prepared for whatever you might receive. With exclusion to Canada’s western coastline, the rest of the country is extremely cold. If you are traveling to Canada, you would need your gloves, scarf, and even a hat which the locals call a ‘toque’. The country has recorded a temperature of -81.4o which is its lowest ever.

2. Sales Tax:

The federal sales tax is added to goods and services in Canada. This could also include additional taxes from the provinces. So, before you take that journey to the Northern American state, keep the sales tax in mind. The taxes could go as high as 15% for goods and services you purchase. You are taxed for what you buy in the stores, restaurant bills, hotel bills, and other services. Although the visitors in Canada enjoyed a tax refund program some years ago, this was stopped in 2007. So be ready for it.

3. Health Insurance:

Canada boasts one of the best healthcare facilities and systems around the globe. However, these healthcare Insurance are only accessible to native Canadians. As a visitor, you should have your health Insurance covered to avoid hefty bills if you get injured in Canada.

4. Legal drinking age:

In America, the legal drinking age starts from 21. Canada is quite on the more loose side as the official drinking age is from 18 and 19. This is also applicable to buying liquor and beers. If you are below 18, you should stay away from beers and liquor as it breaks the country’s laws

5. ETA Documents:

This is one of the most important things you should take note of before traveling to Canada. With exception of Americans, all visitors in Canada will need a visitor’s visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to go into Canada. This is one of the most vital requirements for traveling to Canada. This can be done through a simple process online; it takes just a few minutes to complete. For those entering Canada through the land from the USA, there are some requirements. Follow the Canada-US border crossing requirement.

6. Emergency Call line:

Canada is a very secure country with very low crime rates. However, you might need to know the security line in case of an emergency. The Canadian Police are very competent and responsive. The emergency number in Canada is also 911 just like in America. Hopefully, you do not get to need this number.

7. French Canadians:

French Canadians? Yeah, you saw it right. Most people do not know of this fact but Canada has two official languages. English Language and French. English is the first language of up to 80% of Canadians. Another 20% of Canada speaks French and the language is more dominant in the province of Quebec.

8. Giving out Small Tips:

Giving out tips is not an obligation and it is completely voluntary. In Canada, it is expected that you hand out small tips to people who offer services for you. A 15% is good enough for the waitress, cab, hotel employees, and other services.

9. Outdoor Activities:

For those who like a bit crazy, traveling to Canada will be an exciting moment for you. Hiking, camping, sky diving, fishing, and some outdoor sports activities will top the list of what you want to experience.

10. Six different Time zones:

Canada is a big country and has a landmass that is sparsely covered by its population. The country has 6 different time zones which cover 4 hours 30 minutes difference. So, you might be 01:00 PM at one province and another province might be at 5:30 PM.

The aforementioned are some hints that you need to know before traveling to a North American country.

Canada is surely never a boring experience for visitors. Canadians are polite and multicultural; Visitors are always welcomed with open arms.

Additionally, you can also explore the nature of the beautiful cities and the cool weather. Canada has a lot of national parks with activities that will give you a memorable experience. There is this coffee and sandwich shop called Tim Horton’s, you might want to visit that place.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada
Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How much money should I carry when traveling to Canada?

There is no restriction to the amount of money you can take into Canada or out. However, money or assets with a value of CAN$10, 000 or more should be declared. This could be foreign currency or personal valuables.

Is it difficult to enter Canada as a tourist?

Just like in any other country, Canada has regulations in protecting its borders. However, it is easy to enter Canada as a tourist than as an immigrant. You will need to apply for an ETA or a visitor’s visa to enter Canada.

Can I bring a pet to Canada?

Dogs and Cats are allowed into Canada as long as they are in good health conditions and have a rabies vaccination certificate.

So when next you are traveling to Canada, take note of all these things I have mentioned above. They will help you prepare for your journey into Canada.

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