How to Apply for Work permit for Non-Canadian Citizens

How to Apply for Work permit for Non Canadian Citizens

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Getting Work permits for non-Canadian citizens is simplified with this detailed guide on how to apply for work permit for non Canadian citizens. You will need to know the steps required to get your work permit so that you can start working on getting the job permit right away.

  • These are for people who aren’t Canadian citizens but want to work.
  • For those that don’t have a permanent residence yet.

Let’s go through the guide on how to apply for work permit for non Canadian citizens.


Employer compliance

Your employer must be registered with the Ministry of Labour. This is to ensure that you are paid correctly and receive all your benefits, including overtime pay, vacations, and more. The employer must follow all laws and regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace and employment standards (including minimum wage) immigration rules. This is the first thing you should consider on how to apply for work permit for non Canadian citizens.

Job Requirements

The job must be on the list of jobs eligible for a work permit.

Knowing the job requirements is the next step on how to apply for work permit for non Canadian citizens.

  • The first person to apply for this job will be given preference over other applicants.
  • You must have a full-time position and pay at least minimum wage (the minimum wage rate in your province). If you are hired as president of an organization, then it may count as a full-time position even if only one person works there; however, this depends on whether or not all employees are required by law to be paid minimum wages and if so, how many days per week they work (if any).


Exempt work permit applicants

If you are a Canadian citizen with a valid work permit, you may apply for an exempt work permit. You can also use this document if your spouse or in-law is a non-Canadian citizen and wants to work in Canada.

To get an exempt work permit, you must have been working in Canada on one of the following types of permits:

  • Work Permit (General)
  • Study Permit (General)
  • Visitor Record

How to apply for work permit-Application processing times

Processing times for work permits for non Canadian citizens vary depending on the type of application. In some cases, work permit processing times can be up to 6 months, so deciding which status you would like before applying is essential.

You should expect your work permit application to be processed within three weeks if:

  • If you are applying as a temporary worker or Canadian citizen who has been outside Canada for less than five years.

Note: This may take longer if your situation requires additional investigation.

  • If you are applying as an employer seeking sponsorship from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Document checklist for non-Canadian citizens

As a non Canadian citizen, you are required to perform or present the following documents;

  • You must provide a copy of your passport, birth certificate, and proof of citizenship (if applicable).
  • Most of the documents are required to be filled in the English Language.

how to apply for work permit for non-Canadian citizens

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Additional documents are required for specific countries and applications

If you are a citizen of some particular country, your work permit application will be handled differently than if you were applying for a Canadian work permit. You must bring the following documents to your interview:

  • Your passport (or travel document)
  • A copy of the visa page in your passport and a copy of both sides of any tickets or confirmations showing your date and place of entry into Canada and a departure from Canada before applying for an ETA. (This can be done through most major airlines.)

If you do not have all three items listed above, they must be faxed directly from one party at least 48 hours before the interview date; otherwise, they will not be considered valid documentation.


What is a work permit?

A work permit is a temporary authorization to work in a country. This doesn’t grant you permanent access, just for a limited time. A Canadian work permit is just the authorization to work in Canada legally; It does not grant you permanent resident status or citizenship, but it does allow you to live and work legally in Canada for up to three years.

What’s more on how to apply for work permit for non Canadian citizens?

You may need a work permit if:

  • You have graduated from an accredited university program or college and obtained a degree recognized by Canada’s government as equivalent to an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s).
  • You have completed at least one year of full-time study at a Canadian post-secondary institution; however, this does not apply if your reflections were interrupted due to illness or family reasons preventing them from continuing. In this case, however, only blocks of time when sick leave had been taken into account will count toward meeting these requirements


This is just a guide on required documents or basic requirements allowed by Canadian authorities before you can get your work permit.

It is important to note that work permits are not permanent. You must leave the country once you have completed the permit’s term or will be subject to immediate deportation. Follow the blog to get more tips on how to apply for work permit for non Canadian citizens.


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